Belter's Run

     Belter's Run is a complete show bible combining the best aspects of SciFi and westerns. The story is about a new mining boomtown growing - in the asteroid belt.
     Having exhausted its natural resources, Earth has finally developed commercial space exploitation. The loners and malcontents have left Earth and are out in private mining ships looking for high-grade ore and that most precious resource, planetary core fragments. Once mined, the ore is brought to the refining station on Ceres for processing. The company that runs the station, Piazzi Refining, has become one of the most powerful organizations in the system, but the unified Earth government has left the ultimate power in the hands of the Arbitrators. Having found one of the highly sought after core fragments, one pair of miners decides to break Piazzi's monopoly and introduce a fair market economy in the belt.
     The show bible includes a two-hour premiere movie, the pilot episode, treatments for the entire first season, concepts for the first four seasons, suggestions for additional episodes and detailed information regarding technology, characters, locations and situations.  Belter's Run is currently being marketed and might be held in reserve for future development.