Blood Brothers

     Blood Brothers examines how tolerance deals with intolerance.  Set at the end of the old west, the movie takes place in an isolated valley where settlers and natives live together peacefully as a single family - until a lost wagon train wanders in.
     The people in the wagon train bring with them all the bigotry and prejudice of the pre-civil war American west. Although the valley residents continue to work together with occasional help from the nearest town, a couple of day's ride away, the trail boss and his unruly son incite violence that all but wipes out the native population.
     When the local tribes hear of the deaths of their people, they react with the same intolerance, butchering the settler population.
Two teens, one settler and the other native, best friends and blood brothers, are all that's left of the valley's population. With the nearby town suffering a crippling drought, they invite the townspeople, long time friends of the valley, to build a new town on the banks of the valley's river.
     Unfortunately, a new town means new residents and drifters, many with the same attitudes of the wagon train...

     Blood Brothers is a mystical fantasy western that examines the harm we do each other and the healing with which we can help each other if we try.