Not one single form on this page has been vetted, cleared, approved, or is in any way assumed or guaranteed or warranteed to be legal for use in your city, county, state, and/or country. Use of these forms is entirely at your own risk. I strongly recommend you clear all forms with your attorney before any use.

     There a a lot of forms here, many of which have serious legal implications. These forms were gathered from a wide variety of sources including, but not limited to, a wide variety of books, the Internet, the film school I attended, frineds, producers of my aquaintance, film labs and other vendors, and my own imagination. Use these forms as a starting point for developing the long list of forms your production company will use over the years. Items to be inserted appear in CAPITAL LETTERS when something specific needs to be entered or [____] blanks when what is needed is completely obvious.

     Your use of the forms in this folder is entirely as your own risk and, if not cleared and used properly, can land you in jail - but this is true of any legal paperwork you don't clear through an attorney. So I'll say it again: clear all forms with your lawyer BEFORE you consider using them!

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Acknowledge Receipt of Safety Guidelines (docx) 86KB

Budget templates
     IATSE (xls) 98KB
     Modified IATSE (xls) 811KB

     Camera Report (xls) 29KB

     Cash Projections (xlsx) 45KB

     Actor Agreement (doc) 41KB
     Actor Info Sheet (doc) 37KB
     Cast List (doc) 45KB
     Terms of Personal Service - Actor (doc) 61KB

     Attachment Agreement (doc) 53KB
     Crew Agreement (doc) 53KB
     Crew Deal Memo (docx) 123KB
     Crew List (doc) 45KB
     Director Agreement (doc) 49KB
     Producer Agreement (doc) 53KB

     Deliverables Checklist (xlsx) 49KB
     Delivery Schedule Agreement (docx) 41KB

     Terms of Personal Service - Crewmember (doc) 61KB

     Location Agreement (doc) 37KB
     Location Data Sheet (doc) 49KB
     Location Release (doc) 33KB
     Location Rental Agreement (doc) 37KB

Logs and Lists
     Breakdown Sheet (xls) 16KB
     Depth of Field Graphs (xls) 41KB
     Film or Tape Log (doc) 49KB
     Property List (doc) 61KB
     Wardrobe List (doc) 61KB

Letter of Intent
     LOI (Crew) (doc) 33KB
     LOI (Actor - Long) (doc) 57KB
     LOI (Actor - Short) (doc) 29KB

     Composer Agreement (doc) 49KB
     Certificate of Authorship (doc) 41KB
     Independent Music Contract (doc) 49KB
     Master Use License (doc) 49KB
     Music Contract (doc) 57KB
     Music Cue Sheet (doc) 29KB
     Synchronization License (doc) 45KB

     Post-Meeting Checklist (doc) 29KB

     Pre-Meeting Checklist (doc) 37KB

     Collaboration (doc) 41KB
     Confidential Disclosure Agreement (doc) 45KB
     Confidentiality Agreement (doc) 41KB
     Contract Resources (doc) 45KB
     Co-Production Agreement (doc) 86KB
     Co-Production Notes (doc) 102KB
     Finder Fee Agreement (docx) 131KB
     IRS Independent Contractor Guidelines (pdf) 127KB
     Non-Circumvention Agreement (docx) 152KB

Production Calendars & Checklists
     Production Categories (docx) 119KB
     Preproduction Checklist (doc) 70KB
     Production Calendar - iPhone (doc) 82KB
     Production Calendar - iPad (doc) 90KB

     Release (long) (doc) 41KB
     Release (Medium) (doc) 37KB
     Release (short) (doc) 33KB

Shooting Schedule (xlsx) 41KB

Screen Credit List (doc) 41KB

Screenplays, Authors, and Writers
     Certificate of Authorship (doc) 29KB
     Screenplay Option (doc) 78KB
     Writer Agreement (doc) 61KB

Script Supervisor Log (xls) 20KB

Student/Intern Evaluation (doc) 37KB

Timecard (doc) 45KB

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