Thank you for visiting Dancing Cat Productions, LLC, an independent motion picture production company.  Dancing Cat Productions, LLC has produced shorts, documentaries, and music videos in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area since its inception in 2005.

     Our upcoming move to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, which will coincide with preproduction on our next independent shoot, Dancing Cat Productions, LLC is transforming into an independent feature production company specializing in movies intended for theater, cable, network, and home video release, both domestically and internationally.  We chose the Albuquerque area and the state of New Mexico specifically for its professional crew, talent, and support services and its low cost of living and doing business.  This combination of factors allows us to stretch the value of every production dollar, creating higher production value motion pictures on always limited budgets.  Albuquerque is very friendly to motion picture production and by relocating there instead of New York City or Los Angeles we can use the budgets we raise, generally expected to be in the fifteen to twenty-five million dollar range, to release motion pictures of unsurpassed quality.

     Please use the links on the left to explore our past work and work in progress.  Again, welcome to Dancing Cat Productions, LLC and thank you for visiting.