A year into deep space, the pilot of the survey ship Apex is found murdered in his cabin. The only security officer left among the seven-person crew is Lieutenant Krausemeyer, so inexperienced neither Captain Mortgenstein, commanding the Apex, not Commodore Smythe of SecFor, the fleet's security branch, allow Krausemeyer to investigate. Instead, Smythe sends Commander Dollijak from a nearby star system. Krausemeyer is instructed to record the cabin and send the recording to Dollijak.

      In examining a recording the dead man's cabin, Krausemeyer believes he knows where the killing mechanism is - in the air vent system. Executive officer Reolds authorizes Krausemeyer to investigate the vents, where a package of deadly chemicals is soon found. Krausemeyer reports this find to both Reolds and Smythe.

      Mortgenstein, annoyed at not being consulted before SecFor headquarters was advised of the method, arrests Krausemeyer and confines him to his cabin. Can Krausemeyer solve the mystery, defending himself against Mortgenstein's charges, before Dollijak arrives?

     SecFor is in the process of funding and is budgeted at $5,000,000 which will allow for the attachment of three semi-names in leads roles as well as a professional crew. The 9 5-day week shoot is scheduled for the summer of 2010 in the Albuquerque, NM area. As the story takes place entirely aboard a ship in deep space, this will be a studio shoot with no location work.